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Kitchen Unit Doors, Fronts & Finishing Touches

Our client wanted some bespoke kitchen doors and drawer fronts in a shaker style, sprayed to a finish to match a Farrow & Ball colour.

These were manufactured in our workshop, sprayed by us as requested, then fitted with handles chosen by the client.


Interior Doors in a Downham style with hand made coloured glass.

Earlier in the year, we had a client approach us with a request for some Downham style interior doors, but with coloured glass. Of course we were up for the challenge, and although it took some time, we finally found a glass supplier who sent through some samples for our client to choose the colours they wanted.

We haven't had many opportunities in recent years to work with hand made glass, but the finished bespoke doors look amazing, allowing more light into a dark foyer area, whilst being a feature of the rooms.
Our client was delighted to see their idea brought to life.
blue doors 2 blue doors open close up on red and handle red yellow door

Bi-folding Garage Doors

We were recently approached by a builder who needed some garage doors for his client. What this photo doesn't show is that all 5 doors are on a bi-fold system.

The timber used is Sapele, a lovely reddish coloured hardwood. This was finished with a coat of Osmo to help protect the wood from the elements. We used a 5 door bi-folding kit from Mightons, and it was useful that everything needed was in the box, so all we had to do was manufacture the doors, fit the track into the frame, glaze the doors, and then install the whole system into the building. Not exactly a five minute job 🙂
We think they look rather striking.

 WhatsApp Image 2021 06 23 at 164519 1


Partial Staircase with handrail

Don't need a complete staircase? Not a problem. This is a finished job where the client had a new internal wall installed, so they needed to change the straight staircase to a turn. 

You can see quite clearly where the stairs used to be, and the photos show the before, during and completed with a new handrail.


 before  during  after 1  after with handrail 

Oak Kitchen Worktop

These images show a solid Oak kitchen worktop designed, manufactured and installed by our team to our client's specification.  The timber was bonded together to form the correct size required, and finishes off the kitchen quite nicely.

 oak top1  

oak top2

Wardrobe Doors - shaker style in Oak

Our client needed several bespoke wardrobe doors to suit his fitted wardrobes.  Our design was approved by the client and were manufactured from Oak.

Once manufactured, our team then installed them, with the beautiful finished result shown here.

Wardrobe doors Oak 



Custom Made Cat Mansion

This was one of the more unique requests that we receive.  Our client has a multi cat household, and their existing garden cat house had seen better days.  We assisted with the design of what we like to call a cat mansion (since it's definitely more than a house!), manufactured it from softwood and then treated it with Sadolin (Teak) and white Bedec barn paint for the handrails (should that be paw-rails?).

When it came to deliver it and install it in the client's garden, it had to go on the back of our flatbed lorry, since it was too big for our Transits.  We have had feedback that the cats are all making use of their new mansion, and have comfy beds within the enclosed sections.

Before treatment:

cat house bare 

The finished article ready to deliver:

cat house



Interior Joinery

We are regularly approached with requests for bespoke interior joinery.  These are just a couple of our recently finished projects, all sprayed to a colour matched finish and then fitted.

The first example is a bedroom cabinet, manufactured to fit in a smaller bedroom where space was limited.  The other is for a bigger room, being used as a 'boot room'.

bedroom unit


bootroom3  bootroom2  bootroom1


Custom Made Bookcases and Cupboards

A pair of custom fitted bookcase/cupboard units manufactured and spray lacquered at in our workshop, then delivered and fitted on site by our site fixing team.

bookcases cupboards




Barge Boards - in redwood

Our client approached us with some very old barge boards that had been removed from an old building that was being renovated.  The home owner want to keep the new extension in keeping with the original look, so our joinery team had to draw up a way to manufacture these sympathetically, since the originals would have been carved by hand from a single piece of timber.

This was a real labour of love, where the joints had to be cut carefully and with precision, and finishing touches were applied by hand - no computer aided machines here!

The end result was a beautiful reproduction of the originals.

barge board template  barge board complete  barge board close barge board joint

Custom Fitted Wardrobe

Our client has a period property, complete with uneven walls and exposed beams.  We were tasked with the design, manufacture and installation of a wardrobe in one of the bedrooms.  Initially it was a free-standing unit, but the client then asked if it was possible to alter the unit so that it looked fitted, with no gaps between the unit, walls and beams.  We undertook this task, and added shoe storage to aid in the filling in of gaps whilst providing more useful storage space.

Oak wardrobes6  Oak wardobes3

Bespoke Shelving

Our client came to us with a request for some minimalist, bespoke shelving, using their own timber that had been in storage.  The space for the unit was restricted by a chimney breast, so it had to be designed so that it was suitable and practical.

Once we confirmed that the timber was suitable, we set about working with the client's design for the shelving unit, with an additional remit to have a shelf to support a television, that would rotate out if needed, but would sit flush when not in use.  This proved tricky, since we couldn't use any ironmongery given the shelf design.

The client was extremely pleased with the finished and installed unit.

shelving in   shelving out



Bespoke Oak Ruler - Height Measure

This was another unique request from an existing client.  They had recently had a baby, and whilst preparing the bedroom for the little boy, they decided that they would like a height chart.  Not just any height chart, but one that would be a focal point in the bedroom to highlight the child's growth.  This could then be passed down to him when he was older.

Everything was machined by hand, due to the intricate detail.  Specialist paint pens were purchased along with stencils to mark the measurements, and finished off by hand.

The finished product was then treated with 2 coats of wax oil and now hangs in the bedroom, as shown below.

 ruler  ruler in situ

Iroko Gates - Heritage Property

Our client approached us and asked if we could reproduce some replacement gates for his listed property.  The listed status extended as far as the property gates, so they had to match the existing ones that were now beyond repair.

We suggested using Iroko, a suitable hardwood, which we would then treat with white Bedec barn paint to match the client's requirements.

Whilst we didn't install the gates, we were very pleased with the finished product, and think that the black ironmongery used to hang them really finishes them off nicely - the client was good enough to send photos of the installed gates.  It gives a better impression of just how big they are.

Also included below is an image of the gates pre-paint treated, showing the different colours of the untreated Iroko.


iroko in workshop 

  iroko fitted  iroko in situ



Various Window examples

We try to showcase examples of the work we have previously carried out, as we don't have any brochures/catalogues, not a showroom to view, since all of our work is bespoke and made to measure. 

These are just some of the windows that we have manufactured recently, some are made as reproductions of the originals, some are heritage, but all are made here in our workshops.

window1    window2  window3  window4  window5  window6




Wendy House

A large custom designed Wendy House fully finished and painted for one of our private clients.

Wendy House

Custom Made Bookcases and Cupboards

A pair of custom fitted bookcase/cupboard units manufactured and spray lacquered at in our workshop, then delivered and fitted on site by our site fixing team.

Custom Fitted Bookcases and Cupboards wall unit bookcase

Large single gate

A large single gate for a domestic property, ready for delivery to site for fitting and painting in situ.

Large Single Gate

Large single gate

A large single gate, designed in a cottage style for a domestic property, ready for delivery to site for fitting and painting in situ.  This one was manufactured in Western Red Cedar, complete with an integral post box on the rear.

WRC gate

Bespoke Garden Gate in untreated Oak

We were approached and asked to manufacture a replacement garden gate in untreated Oak, so that the timber would weather and suit the style of this older property.

After discussing the design options with the client, we designed, manufactured and installed this beautiful replacement, functioning gate.

Oak gate2  Oak gate4  Oak gate1  Oak gate3

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