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Waney Edged Oak Table & Matching Bench

Here are a few photos of a rustic style oak table designed to a client's bespoke specifications.

The table and bench are manufactured from a single piece of waney edged oak, custom made to our client's requirements. The table top is created by bonding 2 pieces together to ensure the natural waney edge is utilised. The waney edge on the bench has been created by hand, using the table top as a template. All knot holes are filled in by hand making a bespoke knot to fill the hole. Wood filler is then carefully applied to secure the piece.

We may be biased, but we think it's beautiful. Once the specialist oil has been applied to the oak tops, the natural beauty of the wood really stands out. Painting the legs black also bring attention to the natural finish of the oak grain, colour and shine.

From a large slice of timber to a table and bench suitable for a family.

Nicely at home in our client's kitchen/diner.  The bench has been made so it tucks underneath the table neatly.

table 5table 6table 6table 3

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