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Pair of large gates with wrought ironwork

A pair of large gates built of solid Oak hardwood, with wrought iron bars and decoration, for one of the Cambridge University colleges. Ready for delivery on site,installation and painting.

Large Oak Gate with Wrought Ironwork

Large double gates

Large double panelled gates ready for delivery to site for installation and painting on-site.

Large double gates

Oak Staircase

A beautiful (even if we say so ourselves) bespoke staircase created from oak.  Designed and manufactured by one of our professional joiners.

oak staircase1 oak staircase55 oak staircase33oak staircase44

Bunk Beds with an extra layer

One of our clients was restricted on bedroom space, but needed the beds.  So we designed and created a triple bunk bed!  And the children loved it :)


triple bunks1


French Patio Doors

Our private client recently purchased an old property, which still needed some updating.  One item that was badly in need of improvement was the patio doors.  

We asked the client for an idea of what style she would like, and we designed, created and sprayed the new doors to her colour choice.  The client even emailed us to say how impressed she was when they were fitted, as our fitters cleaned up behind themselves - and very well!

What a difference the new bespoke doors have made to the room and the view;

 old doors


Compare the old doors (above) and the bespoke new doors, designed and created in house;

french patio doors


Bookcase and a Door

A client came to us with details of an existing doorway that they wanted to utilise for more than just an entrance into another room.

The end result was a bookcase that was actually a working door - we think it's a great use of unused space and it could be considered a secret entrance!

The client emailed us to say "One very happy customer!"




Oak Frame and Cottage Doors with leaded light windows

These were some oak boarded front and side doors we manufactured for a client recently.  Complete with oak frames and double glazed leaded light windows.

AD oak frame cottage doors leaded light windows2AD oak frame cottage doors leaded light windows2AD oak frame cottage doors leaded light windows2 



Oak Staircase

A single staircase manufactured in our workshops from oak, as requested by the client.  Who needs carpet when your stairs look as beautiful as these?

AD oak staircase small




Oak Steps

A small set of internal steps manufactured in our workshop, complete with a hand rail for additional security.

AD internal oak steps




Softwood Staircase


Our client has a new-build property, and wanted a bespoke staircase.  We manufactured and installed a full turn softwood constructed staircase with flat landing, 14 treads and oak handrail. Curved bottom step, chunky square posts, twist spindles with top return bannister completed the contemporary look.

Parker Stairs 1 Parker Stairs 3 Parker Stairs 4




Waney Edged Oak Table & Matching Bench

Here are a few photos of a rustic style oak table designed to a client's bespoke specifications.

The table and bench are manufactured from a single piece of waney edged oak, custom made to our client's requirements. The table top is created by bonding 2 pieces together to ensure the natural waney edge is utilised. The waney edge on the bench has been created by hand, using the table top as a template. All knot holes are filled in by hand making a bespoke knot to fill the hole. Wood filler is then carefully applied to secure the piece.

We may be biased, but we think it's beautiful. Once the specialist oil has been applied to the oak tops, the natural beauty of the wood really stands out.  Painting the legs black also bring attention to the natural finish of the oak grain, colour and shine. 

From a large slice of timber to a table and bench suitable for a family.

table 5

table 6       table 6

Nicely at home in our client's kitchen/diner.  The bench has been made so it tucks underneath the table neatly.

 table 3



Handrail and Glass Balustrade

Our client was carrying out a barn conversion, and instructed us to manufacture a bespoke handrail from Sapele, along with some toughened glass balustrading.

There were some very technical joints that had to be designed and manufactured in order to fit in with walls, pipes, turns and steps, but the client was very happy with the end result.

RBhandrail1 RBhandrail2 rbhandrail3 rbhandrail4 rbhandrail5 rbhandrail6

Internal Braced Oak Doors

We received an order for multiple internal Oak doors for a large property that had been extended.

These were finished in an Osmo treatment that also brings out the grain of the timber as well as protecting it.  

If you look closely, you'll notice that there are no screws visible, because they are hidden within the brace, which is also a beautiful feature on the back of the doors.

internal braced1  internal braced2

internal braced3






French Doors - Interior

We are regularly asked to manufacture bespoke French Doors, both for external and interior use.  The interior French Doors can be used to form an eye catching alternative to a wall between two interior rooms, separating perhaps a utility room or kitchen from a living room, but without taking away any natural light.

These are just a couple of recent examples of ones we have manufactured, sprayed to a required finish and then fitted;

 frenchdoors1   frenchdoors2

Hogg kitchen doors


External Doors

These are just a few examples of different styles of bespoke external doors we have manufactured recently.  Common timber requested is Oak and Sapele.

The ones pictured include leaded glass, as well as ones manufactured using a client's existing glass removed from the previous door.

H1 H5





Bi-folding Doors - 3 plus 1 design

These are an example of some bi-folding doors we were asked to manufacture by a local client.  They were a time consuming task, but the end result was worth the effort.

They have a multipoint locking system installed, with three of the doors folding and one leaf seperated functioning as a lone door.


bifold1  bifold2  bifold3


Oak External Door with Glazed Screen

This was a custom request for a replacement front door complete with a glazed screen.  

oak door fitted1      oak door fitted2



Oak Porch

Our client approached us with a design for an Oak Porch, after a final tweak to the end design, we manufactured it and delivered to site for others to install.


Timber Doors

These are just a few examples of different styles of bespoke external doors we have manufactured recently.  Common timber requested is Oak and Sapele, or painted softwood.

This first examples are a set of French doors manufactured from European Oak and finished with an Osmo treatment, with a matching door and fixed screen.  These have Warwick glass double glazed units fitted, giving a slightly obscured view and a distinctive pattern.

 warwickdoors door and fixed reverse

  These are other examples of exterior doors, with a popular design.

door1 door2 door3

This example is made from Oak, designed to our client's request for a 'chunky' style.

Oak door Birch Oak door detail




Bi-folding Gates

These are a set of bi-folding gates manufactured from Iroko.  They are on a 2 + 2 system, with bolts installed to keep the gates open when required.

The client has since told us that he gets a lot of admiring looks from his neighbours and passers by.





European Oak Handrail

This handrail was designed and manufactured for a client in a natural finish, all ready to install with specialist brackets.


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