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About Us - A Brief History

quality bespoke joinery since 1991

Bluerun is a bespoke joinery manufacturer, established in 1991 by John Jones the current Managing Director, alongside his wife Doreen, who remains the company’s secretary.

"Back in 1991 the bench joinery team actually worked with John at a previous joinery company that went into receivership, so we have effectively been working together since 1975. We still have two of the original bench joiners working for us, one of whom served his apprenticeship under John many years ago. Bluerun remains a family owned and run company. John’s son Jeremy joined as our paint sprayer and Director in 2008, with John’s daughter Dee Newman, joining as Finance Director in 2019." Stated Finance Director Dee.

With an impressive history, Bluerun has established itself at the forefront of the industry and can manufacture most things from timber, hardwood or softwood, panels or sheet material. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction, all of Bluerun’s products are custom made to order and are not available pre-made.

"The most common items we are asked to manufacture for the domestic market are windows, doors (exterior and interior), bi-folding doors, staircases, bespoke storage units/wardrobes, all with the option to have them sprayed in primer or to a finish. We have manufactured reception desks, screens, window mainframes, window packers, complete pub fit outs, fire doors and much more for the commercial market. Bluerun’s team has a lot of experience in working with listed buildings, so we are aware of the numerous specifics of items manufactured for these buildings." continued Dee.

Bluerun retains a traditional ‘old school’ approach to joinery, this process consists of using tools including power tools and machines to machine timber, but creating all designs without the aid of computers.

Dee again, "We do not use any CNC machines, drawings are created by hand, and everything is assembled in house. This means that everything that is created in our workshops has been crafted by hand, with the utmost attention to detail. We can manufacture most types of timber windows; casement, box sash (using springs or weights), stormproof, Suffolk sliders, Dormer window and bay window. Some of these require more attention to detail, which is why we believe they are more suited to being manufactured by hand."

In terms of the latest developments for Bluerun, the company has undergone new changes in response to the covid-19 pandemic. When the Government announced that certain businesses would have to close in early 2020, officially Bluerun could have remained open, since the company is classed as a manufacturer. However, upon reviewing that the company’s commercial clients were unsure as to whether they could continue to trade, and that Bluerun could not visit domestic clients, Bluerun decided to close its doors. Since its re-opening in May 2020, Bluerun has gone from strength to strength, and seen an ever increasing flow of work, to the point where the company maintained a 5-6 week waiting time for site visits, which Bluerun usually carries out within 7-10 days.

In another notable change for the company, John’s Daughter Dee has taken over the running of the office. Dee joined the company as Finance Director, with a view to learning the day-to-day running of the company so that John could finally consider retiring (John celebrated his 80th birthday in August 2021). As the world and Bluerun looked to reopening their doors again, the company decided that its dynamics had to change, so that John could remain at home and avoid risking being exposed to COVID-19. Since then, John became furloughed and therefore semi-retired, with Dee running the office since the workshop re-opened just a few weeks after closing.

As Bluerun looks ahead, the company plans to continue supporting its customers and increasing work flow. The company maintains growth plans in terms of its team, and would like to employ another bench joiner and someone to assist around the building with things such as cleaning and deliveries, once the construction and manufacturing industries have settled due to multiple issues with availability of materials and price increases.

After rising to the challenges of the pandemic, Bluerun is pleased to have accomplished such growth and maintained its high quality service. This has come at a great time for the company, which is celebrating its upcoming 30th anniversary. Dee stated, “We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in October 2021, and the Directors would like to thank everyone that has helped us get to this point.

Bluerun Ltd

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